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Well, before you are going to holiday, you have to ensure that you have prepared anything that you need to make your holiday perfect. If you want to go aboard or you want to go to the other cities, the most important thing that you should prepare is about the place to stay in night if you want to go there for long day. If you have a family or friend there, you can ask them whether you can stay there or not. You just have to ensure that you have the place to sleep in the night while holiday comes.

If you are travelling with family, you can consider to booking a hotel than staying in your friends’ house because it will make you disturb them even if they say it’s okay. You need to think twice for it. If you go stay in your family, it is okay. While you have no one to stay for holiday comes, the easy solution that you can take is you can book the hotel for it. Well, you should note that if you want to book the hotel, you should book it far away from the day you

Hotel Sant Francesc Singular

Hotel Sant Francesc Singular is a true family affair, launched this past March by Majestic Hotel Group in Majorca, Spain. Owned by the Soldevila family—a group with a long history, having opened Barcelona’s Hotel Majestic in 1918—the luxury boutique hotel was repurposed from a 19th-century manor home that had gone unchanged since it was built by a wealthy merchant in 1880. Maria Jose Cabré of Barcelona-based MJC Arquitectura was called upon to imbue the property with a timeless aesthetic that honored its key historic qualities. She collaborated with Nuria Ferrer Klein, a Soldevila family member who also curated a majority of the hotel’s distinct artwork. “The idea was to preserve the feeling of living in a true Majorcan manor house that looks modern, feels warm and comfortable, yet doesn’t fall into all of the current trends,” explains Cabré. “We wanted to create something that would never go out of fashion.” Cabré’s team started by scouting the area to ensure Hotel Sant Francesc Singular fit within the cultural context, deciding to use the same salmon color as one of the existing buildings in Sant Francesc Square for the façade. “It was not about standing out, but blending in

Los Angeles Athletic Club’s Blue Room

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Los Angeles is always on to something new, yet the fashion-forward city’s storied past is equally as impressive as its present. Rather than shirking its 1880 roots, the Los Angeles Athletic Club (LAAC) is celebrating this history with a multiphase renovation that includes a grand reveal of the hotel and athletic club’s redesigned Blue Room. The iconic space was completed in 1912 as an exclusive lounge for the Uplifters Club, a group of influential male celebrities and leaders, before it was repurposed as a conference room. Following a refresh by British designer Timothy Oulton and his global style directors Danielle Monti-Morren and Raoul Morren, the room has been reborn to once again play host to the who’s who of LA.

 “It’s a club inside a club, like nothing else inside the LAAC, which makes it all the more desirable to get invited to,” says Oulton. “We wanted to preserve its history but marry it with something daring and modern.” 

 Contrasting its fabled past, the updated Blue Room is discreet by design. During the hotel’s renovation process, a forgotten Prohibition-era stairwell, once used to store liquor, was revealed. It now connects the

La Réserve Paris

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Nobody does luxury like the French, and no Parisian designer has a surer touch than Jacques Garcia. His latest interior is La Réserve, a collaboration with hotelier Michel Reybier in which visiting royalty would feel entirely at home. “We gutted a 19th-century townhouse that formerly belonged to couturier Pierre Cardin and recreated it as though it were a Rothschild residence of that period,” explains project designer Antoine Panzani. “The owner added photographs of his family to make it feel even more lived-in.” From the outside it is discreet; nothing but a scarlet curtain and door to announce its presence on the fashionable Avenue Gabriel, just off the Champs-Élysées. Steps lead up to an onyx-lined foyer and lounge, in which guests can check in as casually as they might at a friend’s house. There’s a richly furnished bar and the Gabriel restaurant, headed by Jérôme Banctel, a chef who won two Michelin stars in his last posting. The Salon Louis XV features wood block floors, silk brocade walls, and gilded boiserie around the ceiling. For guests only, there’s a linear library, with shelves of leather-bound classics and an intimate room

3 Unique and Less Touristy Things to Do in Peru

Okay, so there are countless Incan ruins in Peru to which the most iconic of them all is the old peak we familiarly call as Machu Picchu. Whether you hate bumping with a fellow tourist’s shoulder or looking for different travel destinations in Peru, try our newly drafted activities below. As the title suggests; they are less touristy and unique on their own rights.

Scour the nooks and crannies of Lima for a tasty budget-friendly meal – Peru is situated in the Andes which means travellers who are living in the lowlands might feel dizzy to which the locals refers to as soroche. So as travel advisors have discovered like WanderingTrader Peru had, while you acclimatize your body from the soroche; make yourself well-occupied by eating out in Lima. Such activity is an all-time favourite as Peruvian chefs residing in the capital city perfectly knows how to captivate their foreign customers. However, in accordance to our topic’s parameters, (from personal experience) sometimes the most authentic and delicious Peruvian dishes can’t be found in restaurants. Find a food stall and gobble away!

Buy a pouch of pink salt – Seriously? Yes, it was the first time I heard of such variety of

An Amazing Plus Informative Trip For Your Family February 6, 2016 – writer

As a family unit, you most likely plan on taking trips so that your kids can enjoy the world and discover much more. Vacations may be more exciting than only a vacation to the beach or perhaps hiking, plus they can allow both you and your kids to enjoy things they usually might never experience. Should you be considering taking a getaway that could be both interesting along with educational for your own loved ones, one you may want to take into consideration is an India safari.

You’ve got a selection of choices for your India tiger safari, yet you should consider an excellent all-inclusive tour. In this way, you’ll get to enjoy everything you desire without having to pay for your lodge as well as adventures individually. Everything shall be cared for on your behalf, just about all you’ll need to do will be show up. One particular deal a lot of people favor is actually a 16-day tour that features a variety of locations and sites. You are going to wind up experiencing a lot more than the tigers living in India, and you’ll be in the position to discover all of the animals in their natural settings.


8 New Destination Hotels for 2016

Hotel openings might seem like everyday events, but a handful come with more excitement and anticipation than the rest. They may be in a particularly notable building, bring a fresh concept to an already-popular destination or have the potential to attract travelers to a location they may not have thought of visiting. With these factors in mind, we turned to travel professionals who check out new properties for a living and picked eight names worth checking into in 2016 (excluded from the list below are hotels that are reopening after a renovation, as with the Ritz Paris).

Rosewood Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Expected opening: Late 2016

Cambodia’s capital city will add luxury accommodations to its hotel roster when the 148-room Rosewood makes its debut late in the year in the Central Business District. The hotel will occupy the top 14 floors in the Vattanac Capital Tower One, Phnom Penh’s tallest building, which is shaped like a rising dragon with panoramas of the city skyline and Mekong River. Historic landmarks such as the Royal Palace are close by, and amenities include a spa, two restaurants

Exceptional and Inexpensive London Holidays

When a vacation to London may be at hand, the majority of potential visitors imagine Buckingham Palace, a leisurely outing within the London Eye and a tour of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. These are obviously remarkable points of interest, but there are many commonly pushed aside features of the city as well. Listed here are 5 things you should do in the English capital. Devote some time to scouting some of the area’s unique street markets. You might find a number of incredible items with a rather affordable selling price. Holiday authorities advise debating regarding the selling prices on these retailing adventures since a number of distributors mark up their prices with the foresight of this sort of procedure. You also want to be certain to visit the Museum of Brands at which you’ll get a peek at around One hundred and twenty years involving advertising historical background. Visit the Neasden Temple, the most significant Hindu worship facility worldwide other than India. Discover different facets within the greater than 25 varied nationalities residing within the capital of England. You’ll be able to try a complete collection of dishes and enjoy the distinct backgrounds presently there by just

Malliouhana, An Auberge Resort

Roosted atop a bluff on the island of Anguilla in the British West Indies, Malliouhana has played host to a plethora of tourists seeking an idyllic getaway since it first opened as Malliouhana Resort & Spa adjacent to Meads Bay and Turtle Cove beaches in 1984. After decades of withstanding the Caribbean elements and a three-year closure preceding its 18-month renovation, the 44-room resort was in need of a top-to-bottom revamp when Mark Harmon, founder and managing partner of Auberge Resorts, approached San Francisco-based SB Architects to spearhead its architectural enhancements and Todd-Avery Lenahan, founder of Las Vegas-based TAL Studio, in 2012 to design the resort in reference to the island’s midcentury heyday and rebrand it within the Auberge Resorts Collection. “I traveled to Malliouhana within the week and sat on the property’s terrace and sketched a musing of what the entry sequence could become,” Lenahan says. “Today, the arrival is exactly what I drew 2 1/2 years ago.” In terms of preservation, Lenahan retained a recurring motif of Moorish arches due to structural ramifications, and chose to embrace them as instruments of the new aesthetic. “The owner wanted to honor the legacy of the property however possible,” he says.

LUX Belle Mare

Located off Africa’s southeastern coast, the Republic of Mauritius remained uninhabited until the 17th century, and to this day retains a sense of mystery due to its unique biodiversity and location off the beaten path. Following the decline of its sugar and textiles industries, the island nation’s famed beaches and tropical climate have made it a popular luxury and resort destination. Situated in the main island’s oceanside village of Belle Mare, the LUX Belle Mare resort now stands out with a refreshing redesign. When Kelly Hoppen, founder of London-based Kelly Hoppen Interiors, was approached by LUX Island Resorts to revive the resort’s 174 suites, 12 villas, and overall interiors, her ultimate aim was to instill a feeling of sanctuary. “I wanted to create a lighter idea of luxury,” she says. “It isn’t necessary to have so much clutter and fussy objects in a room when you just want to relax. The more I designed, the lighter and simpler it became—like the stunning island it lives on.”

 Keeping it light meant using bleached wood for the suites’ furnishings, including the trestle tables and headboards. A selection of suite bathrooms feature entirely tongue and groove bleached panel walls—found in others only in


The Volkshotel in Amsterdam is a radical rethink of the design hotel, with an industrial aesthetic and the personality of a hip club. Müller van Tol, the locally based partnership of  Christiane Müller and Bas van Tol, have drawn on their experience of designing restaurants and clubs to infuse raw space with a lively buzz. “The owner and the people who work for him are young, so the place has a youthful vibe, but we wanted to appeal to a diverse clientele,” says van Tol. The seven-story concrete-frame block was built in the 1960s for de Volskrant newspaper, and when that ceased publication the offices were used as temporary workspaces for creatives and entrepreneurs. A new owner allowed a third of them to stay in the four-story wing. Müller van Tol enhanced the top floor restaurant and club, and opened up the ground floor as a lobby-bar, with a conference room opening off to one side. This has become a lively meeting place for hotel guests, office tenants, and local residents. Floors 2-6 were reconfigured as 170  guest rooms of different sizes. “We stripped the main block to its structural frame, cleaning and sealing the concrete columns and floors, and

Palladian Hotel

Nicole Hollis had the Pacific Northwest’s natural colors in mind when creating Palladian, a property recently opened by Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants (and selected as a finalist in two categories at this year’s HD Awards). “I was definitely inspired by the moodiness of Seattle’s skies, and the materials palette includes nods to Seattle’s history: raw wood in a nod to the timber industry and glimmers of metallic accents in reference to the gold rush,” says Hollis, founder of San Francisco-based NICOLEHOLLIS Interior Design. “The dark blues and greens of Puget Sound were also an influence.” Set in a building from 1910, Palladian’s 97 rooms look out over the gray-green water and Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. “The hotel is a landmark property that had fallen on hard times,” Hollis explains. “This project is not only revitalizing a historic building, but also has a dramatic impact on this formerly industrial seafront neighborhood. It was also really important to the client to create a lively place where locals as well as travelers would return.” Hollis played with opposites, juxtaposing light and dark spaces throughout the hotel. A sunny foyer, containing the building’s original terrazzo flooring and a mural based on the marble work at

LEVEL Furnished Living

“We were looking to appeal to a large range of clientele,” says Julia Devlin, senior interior designer with Onni Group’s hospitality division, of LEVEL Furnished Living—an extended-stay concept in Los Angeles’ South Park district. “Guests are staying in their suites for longer periods of time, and we wanted them to feel like this is their home.” The California outpost launched in June (following in the footsteps of LEVEL’s flagship Vancouver, British Columbia location) setting itself apart as the first in the area to offer fully furnished luxury suites with the lifestyle amenities of a 5-Star hotel.

 The $200 million property, designed by the real estate development company’s in-house team, was conceived with a West Coast modern aesthetic, evident throughout its 33-story tower and linked four-story fringe structure. In the main building, two lobbies serve separate purposes. While one connects with the property’s valet entry and reception area, the other is a street accessible alternative featuring more than 150 glassblown LED pendant lights suspended from an oak-slatted ceiling. The valet entrance, meanwhile, is a light-filled space where dark stones juxtapose with a white resin-etched wall featuring artfully modern signage. The 300-suite tower features one-, two-, and three-bedroom configurations, all with residentially

Ocean House’s Morgan Suite

Nestled beside Westerly, Rhode Island, the village of Watch Hill’s coastal culture and lush scenery have made it an exclusive retreat since the 19th century. Ocean House hotel capitalizes on the island’s natural beauty, providing a variety of accommodation options in its guestrooms, suites, cottages, villas, and residences. The Morgan suite—owned by longtime Watch Hill residents and Ocean House proprietors, the Royce family—began as two separate units, one directly a floor above the other. The Royces approached residential designer and builder Hayward Gatch to join the units with a staircase, creating a four-bedroom unit that could house an extended family because, of the resort’s 49 rooms and 16 signature suites, none were large enough at the time to do so. But what started off as a simple staircase quickly turned into something more. “I’ve worked with Chuck Royce for over 20 years now—we always start out modestly before things grow,” says Gatch. The suite’s new floor plan didn’t stray far from the original, with the exception of the staircase, while only new wainscoting, flooring, and small appointments were made to the bedrooms. The upper level and its living room were the redesign’s main focus. When considering its proportions, Gatch suggested

Graceful Greece at Grace Santorini and Grace Mykonos

Grace Santorini and Grace Mykonos are two exquisite sister hotels on the contrasting, yet equally enchanting Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.

While our stay in Santorini was hugely relaxing and indulgent, much like the island itself, Mykonos was its fashionable yet mischievous younger sister which made for a more stylish and social experience. The combined stay creates a wonderfully glamorous Mediterranean getaway especially for couples who want to be spoiled with the best of both worlds — serene relaxation and a buzzing party scene.

Grace Santorini aerial view

Grace Santorini is a honeymooner’s paradise with breathtaking views stretching out from the tip of the north-western part of the island. The typically Greek, gleaming white hotels are carved into the hillside and stacked like elegantly decorated cakes separated with winding steps and sparkling pools. The Grace hotel is perfectly designed to maximize the hillside space and the view while still maintaining the utmost privacy. A chilled champagne reception on arrival was just the ticket to welcome us to the hotel.

Our room evokes the islands history with cool stone flooring and the quintessential Greek white washed walls. Just outside our room is a private plunge pool and with more champagne on ice to greet

Experience The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival in Hawaii

The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is the largest food festival in Hawaii and the largest coffee festival in the world. The KCCF just concluded its’ 45th year, having over 15,000 attendees when counting all the events.

Because the program occurs over 10 days, with many programs and events being repeated, you can set your schedule for beach/pool time, snorkeling or other activities and not feel you have missed anything. A real plus compared to the festivals where you have to do everything in two days!

The KCCF honors Hawaii being the only state to grow coffee. The festival traces the progression of coffee from the first plant in the 1800s to the over 400 growers today. A festival button ($3) gets you into most of the events. Combine coffee and art at the Art/Coffee Stroll at Holualoa village up on the hill from Kona. Over 30 farms provide samples while you view the art and cultural exhibitions.

See how it was done in the 1920s on The Kona Coffee Living History Farm Tour. This 11-station tour gives a look at early farm life and the production of coffee. On this farm, the first tenant farmers, the Uchida family lived and grew coffee in

9 Things to Know When Visiting Cuba

January marks exactly one year since President Barack Obama expanded the categories of authorized travel to Cuba thereby inspiring an increasing number of Americans to add the largest – yet previously forbidden – Caribbean island to their adventure bucket list.

Jumping on the bandwagon are at least three U.S.-based cruise lines which have been advertising itineraries that leave from PortMiami this winter and spring.

Cuba expert and author Ted Henken, an associate professor at Baruch College, offers 9 essential tips to bring along on your Cuba trip besides your Visa.

1. Expect a warm welcome
Despite half a century of embargo and strife, Cubans love to engage with Americans. They are friendly and gregarious people, and will become even more so when they discover you are Americano. So, return the warm welcome with a smile and a handshake.

2. Cash is king
It’s still virtually impossible to use your American credit or debit card in Cuba, despite the Obama administration’s efforts. Some hotels have developed workarounds that allow you to pay with a credit card via the Internet, but don’t count on it. Bring plenty of cash, but you’ll have to convert your dollars into convertible pesos (CUCs), Cuba’s invented tourism script – at

Hereford’s Three Counties Hotel to change hands

Hereford’s Three Counties Hotel has changed hands for the first time in over 20 years in a deal brokered by specialist property advisers Christie & Co. – News from Christie & Co

The 60-bedroom purpose-built hotel has been sold on behalf of Daniel Price & family who have owned and operated the hotel since 1995.

The purpose-built hotel originally was constructed in 1979 as a 32 bedroom motel and was later sold to Queens Moat House Hotels in 1981 who extended the public areas and added 28 letting rooms. The present owners purchased the hotel in 1995 and during their ownership extended the restaurant, Hereford function suite and added extra general storage areas and loading bay.

The hotel currently comprises 60 ensuite letting bedrooms, 5 conference/banqueting suites, a large restaurant, reception lounge and bar. The property occupies a large level site of around 3.5 acres with extensive parking facilities fronting the A465 in Hereford.

The hotel has been purchased by Harry Harrison and family from Oxfordshire who will be taking over and investing in this well-established and renowned hotel business. The manager Michelle Standell and her staff will continue to operate the business alongside the Harrison family.

Jonathan Hill, who handled the sale on behalf

Titanic Spa Renovate Luxury Apartments

The multi award-winning destination spa, Titanic Spa in West Yorkshire has partnered with local interior design company Emma Kay & Co to launch the stylish upgrade of its luxury apartments. The Halifax based interior designers will finish the renovation of luxury apartments by the end of 2016, completing yet another impressive design transformation from the spa this year.

Following the recent renovations at the spa, including a glamourous new bar 1911 complete with a vertical garden, cosy snugs and an outdoor spa garden with sunken hot tub, Emma Kay & Co complete the spa upgrade with their work on the luxurious apartments. Taking influence from the stunning landscape, the upgraded apartments include natural and organic tones to breathe a new sense of calm into the apartments adding to the rejuvenating spa experience that radiates throughout the renovated textile mill.

Each apartment shares a natural theme but has individual touches. Emma Kay & Co have said that they “wanted to create a feeling of natural luxury using fabrics with different textures to complement each other. We chose a warm neutral pallet to provide a relaxing and harmonious environment, in keeping with the spa experience. Silver and copper metallic tones have been introduced with

Stylish way to move ahead of the average

The carved oriental table, positioned for maximum effect in the hallway, and early Georgian walnut bureau in the library were chosen with infinite care and cost a small fortune to boot so it must be galling to have them rated ‘average’. – News from NFU Mutual

One simple mistake, which is all it takes, and owners of fashionable boutique hotels and style restaurants could well find themselves with this unfortunate label.

Once it has been applied the label is likely to stick. Complaining is unlikely to sway opinion and no part of the business is safe from the slight. Not the peacock blue dining room with its burnished chandelier and art deco candle holders. Not even the colour washed walls that offer such a perfect faux rustic background to display the David Hockney sketches that were a bargain even at the stupendous prices paid for them at auction.

Clearly, if it is not the eclectic harmony of the recovered Tudor fireplaces, antique Chinese silk rug and Japanese vases that is to blame and your taste is incontrovertibly impeccable then it must be down to something else. The answer to what this is lies in the provenance of the rating.

Applied by customers or professional